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10pcs Natural Sea Shell of shells Married Home Decoration sea conch party children crafts

Bullen Frank Thomas The Log of a Sea-Waif: Being Recollections the First Four Years My Sea Life

Скраб для тела с морской солью Sea Salt Scrub SPA 200мл

Dead Sea Spa, минеральные соли, смесь для спа, с запахом лепестков розы, 70 г

Dead Sea Spa, Mineral Salts, Detox, Fragrance Free , 2.5 oz (70 g)

Скраб для тела с морскими водорослями Premium Body Spa Sea Scrub 500мл

Creative Aquarium and Spa Wall Decor Crystal Sea Blue Color Murano Glass Plate

Маска для тела с морской грязью Premium Body Spa Sea Mud 500мл

Dead Sea Spa, минеральные соли, расслабляющее средство, лаванда, 70 г

Dead Sea Spa, минералы, расслабление мышц, с запахом эвкалипта, 70 г

Водорослевая маска для лица Sea Algae Mask Spa-Harmony 20г

Yellow 3.5-4/4-4.5 Soft Natural Sea Sponge Bath Body Shower Washing Spa Loofah

Alfred Thayer Mahan The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire: 1793-1812

The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire 1793-1812 is a history book about naval warfare by Alfred Thayer Mahan. It details the role of sea power and discussed the various factors needed to support and achieve sea power, with emphasis the grand strategic end, in the late 18th and early 19th century. The book provides one of the most perceptive overviews of the course of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in general.

37.62 RUR



Mireille Consalvey Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea

The deep sea covers over 60% of the surface of the earth, yet less than 1% has been scientifically investigated. There is growing pressure on deep-sea resources and on researchers to deliver information on biodiversity and the effects of human impacts on deep-sea ecosystems. Although scientific knowledge has increased rapidly in recent decades, there exist large gaps in global sampling coverage of the deep sea, and major efforts continue to be directed into offshore research. Biological Sampling in the Deep Sea represents the first comprehensive compilation of deep-sea sampling methodologies for a range of habitats. It reviews the real life applications of current, and in some instances developing, deep-sea sampling tools and techniques. In creating this book the authors have been able to draw upon the experiences of those at the ?coal face? of deep-sea sampling, expanding on the existing methodological texts whilst encompassing a level of technical detail often omitted from journal publications. Ultimately the book will promote international consistency in sampling approaches and data collection, advance the integration of information into global databases, and facilitate improved data analyses and consequently uptake of science results for the management and conservation of the deep-sea environment. The book will appeal to a range of readers, including students, early-career through to seasoned researchers, as well as environmental managers and policy makers wishing to understand how the deep-sea is sampled, the challenges associated with deep survey work, and the type of information that can be obtained.

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Sea bucktborn oil Famous Brand LEOZOE Certificate of origin China essential

Ocean series simulation of coral branches Sea iron tree Coral willow Shells Seabed scenery

Rudyard 1865-1936 Kipling From Sea to Sea; Letters of Travel

Редьярд Киплинг From Sea to Sea; Letters of Travel

Ocean Series Simulation of Coral Branches Sea Iron Tree Willow Shells Seabed Scenery

David N. Thomas Sea Ice

Over the past 20 years the study of the frozen Arctic and Southern Oceans and sub-arctic seas has progressed at a remarkable pace. This third edition of Sea Ice gives insight into the very latest understanding of the how sea ice is formed, how we measure (and model) its extent, the biology that lives within and associated with sea ice and the effect of climate change on its distribution. How sea ice influences the oceanography of underlying waters and the influences that sea ice has on humans living in Arctic regions are also discussed. Featuring twelve new chapters, this edition follows two previous editions (2001 and 2010), and the need for this latest update exhibits just how rapidly the science of sea ice is developing. The 27 chapters are written by a team of more than 50 of the worlds’ leading experts in their fields. These combine to make the book the most comprehensive introduction to the physics, chemistry, biology and geology of sea ice that there is. This third edition of Sea Ice will be a key resource for all policy makers, researchers and students who work with the frozen oceans and seas.

16584.09 RUR



Nirmal Sinha Sea Ice. Physics and Remote Sensing

Sea Ice: Physics and Remote Sensing addresses experiences acquired mainly in Canada by researchers in the fields of ice physics and growth history in relation to its polycrystalline structure as well as ice parameters retrieval from remote sensing observations. The volume describes processes operating at the macro- and microscale (e.g., brine entrapment in sea ice, crystallographic texture of ice types, brine drainage mechanisms, etc.). The information is supported by high-quality photographs of ice thin-sections prepared from cores of different ice types, all obtained by leading experts during field experiments in the 1970s through the 1990s, using photographic cameras and scanning microscopy. In addition, this volume presents techniques to retrieve a suite of sea ice parameters (e.g. ice type, concentration, extent, thickness, surface temperature, surface deformation, etc.) from space-borne and airborne sensor data. The breadth of the material on this subject is designed to appeal to researchers and users of remote sensing data who want to develop quick familiarity with the capabilities of this technology or detailed knowledge about major techniques for retrieval of key ice parameters. Volume highlights include: • Detailed crystallographic classification of natural sea ice, the key information from which information about ice growth conditions can be inferred. Many examples are presented with material to support qualitative and quantitative interpretation of the data. • Methods developed for revealing microstructural characteristics of sea ice and performing forensic investigations. • Data sets on radiative properties and satellite observations of sea ice, its snow cover, and surrounding open water. • Methods of retrieval of ice surface features and geophysical parameters from remote sensing observations with a focus on critical issues such as the suitability of different sensors for different tasks and data synergism. Sea Ice: Physics and Remote Sensing is intended for a variety of sea ice audiences interested in different aspects of ice related to physics, geophysics, remote sensing, operational monitoring, mechanics, and cryospheric sciences.

15371.76 RUR



customize Bride Squad spa slippers bride-tribe bridesmaid maid-of-honour bridal-party day hen night wedding party gifts


custom Bride Squad spa slippers bride-tribe bridesmaid maid-of-honour bridal-party day hen night wedding party favors

Джеймс Фенимор Купер The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea

In 1823, Cooper began writing The Pilot, which he saw as a sea novel that seamen would appreciate for its fidelity and yet one that landsmen could understand. The hero of The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea – modeled on John Paul Jones – leads the American Navy in dangerous raids on the English coast. James Fenimore Cooper's fourth novelhelped start the genre of sea novels.

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John Stack Ship of Rome (Masters the Sea)

Becke Louis The Beginning Of Sea Story Australia

NEW set of 925 sterling silver Austria crystal sea heart necklace ring

Майн Рид The Flag of Distress: A Story the South Sea

NEW platinum suit set of sea blue zirconia 925 sets sterling silver new foreign trade

10 PCS High quality 6 holes Mspa Filters Camaro Blue Sea Elegance Hot Tub Spa Cartridges inflatable bath filter diameter 11.5cm

Cleaning Brushes Cleaner Sponges Scouring Pads Wash Face Seaweed Bath Natural Ocean Sea Sponge Spa Shower Tools

Wash Face SeaweedBath Brushes Natural Ocean Sea Sponge Bath Body Shower Washing Spa Bathroom Tools Cleaning Supplies

2pcs Sponge Bath Shower Rub Soft Body Cleaning Spa Exfoliating Foam Sea Deep Cleansing for Skin Care

Sponge Bath Shower Rub Soft Body Cleaning Spa Exfoliating Foam Sea Deep Cleansing for Skin Care

3 piece Mspa Filters Camaro Blue Sea Elegance Hot Tub Spa Cartridges 6 holes Swimming pool filter inflatable bath


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