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Группа авторов Exodus Through the Centuries

This bible commentary looks at how Exodus has influenced and has been influenced by history, religion, politics, the arts and other forms of culture over the ages. A bible commentary tracing the reception history of Exodus from Old Testament times, through the Patristic and Reformation periods, to the present day. Considers the ways in which Exodus has influenced and has been influenced by history, religion, politics, the arts and other forms of culture in Jewish, Christian and secular settings. Looks at how Exodus has served as a tool of liberation and tyranny in a variety of settings. Shows how Exodus has been used to shape the identities of individuals and groups. Discusses the works of current and past poets, musicians, film-makers, authors and artists influenced by Exodus. Addresses uses of Exodus related to American and European history such as the Glorious Revolution, colonialism, the American Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, African-Americans, and Native Americans, as well as uses by prominent and little-known historical figures Considers the impact of the Ten Commandments and other laws, in legal, political and religious contexts. The Blackwell Bible Commentary series is supported by a website at www.bbibcomm.net

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